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Paint, paint, oil film, etc.
Light stabilizer is a polymer product, mainly used in paints, coatings and inks, polyurethane paints, etc., to ensure that the coating maintains luster under the sun exposure, avoid cracks and spots, burst and surface peeling, in automotive special coatings The effect is better.
Antioxidants can delay or even prevent oxidation or auto-oxidation processes, primarily in polyurethanes, bananas, engineering plastics, and polyethylene greases, coatings, and lubricants.
Polyurethane, rubber, engineering plastics and other industries
Widely used in casting wheels, seals, pressed mats, non-bonded tires, mud liners, skateboard wheels, beverage containers, and soft and rigid packaging materials.
Casting wheel, tire, mud pipe lining, etc.
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Yantai Longt new-material technology co. LTD., is a polymer stabilizers and polyurethane chain extender and professional research, production and sales enterprises, through the agent with senior research institutions, the factory exchanges and cooperation, timely grasp the development direction of international new type additives and functional products, keep synchronization with cutting-edge technology development, innovation and dedicated

to provide excellent customer in the field of polymer products and professional services.

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The supply is stable and high-quality, and the content is sufficient. All products are certified by ISO quality. The quality of the products is in full compliance with the standards promulgated by the state, and can be manufactured after strict inspection by the third-party testing department.
The product category is comprehensive and comprehensive, supporting small batch and multi-batch purchase, fast delivery period, providing tailor-made solutions for customers within 3 days, providing door-to-door service.
Delivery within the province
In the face of technical problems, the Langte consultant team will listen and solve with the heart, provide customers with comprehensive technical support to the interests of customers as our interests, in order to fully understand and meet customer needs.
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